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By Vana on 2009-07-10

Do you ever get the need for a vacation after the one you just had? That was me this past week. But I am happy to say that I am all caught up! Pheww!

Every time we go on vacation we start talking about how it would be to live in a different place. The thought of being closer to our families is very tempting. We miss them so much and we want our son to see them more than once a year. Don’t take me wrong, we love it here in Chicago…our church and friends are the reason we have made this place our home and feel so blessed. But every now and than, those thoughts pop in and get us thinking about the “what if”!!

Niko had so much fun…soaking up the sun and rolling on the sand. There was sand even in his ears by the time we left.

St Michael has interesting antique shops.

these cousins are the sweetest thing to watch…

Everyone had grown so much since a year ago…and we got to meet sweet Maddie for the first time. She is such a cutie pie!

Blue crabs are a specialty in DE…I didn’t eat any just took pictures:)

These were just a few of the many pictures we took. I will be posting more here and there.

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