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Featured Artist – Bridgett Edwards of Perideau Designs

I am thrilled to introduce to you the lovely Bridgett, the mind and soul behind Perideau Designs a company that provides modern, simple and vibrant personalized stationery, gift tags and prints for young and old. I met Bridgett through Etsy, and have since become good pals. Bridgett is a mom to the most adorable little girl and a wife to her soul mate. Without further ado, here is Bridgett!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a wife to an incredibly patient and understanding husband. He keeps me
grounded when I get a spark of creativity and move from one project to the
other. I’m a mother to the most amazing daughter ever (sorry I’m a little
bit biased). She is the reason I keep going every day and want to do my best
so I can be the role model she deserves.

How do you run a business while being a mother to young child?

Gosh, this is no easy task. Recently I’ve instilled a work schedule for home
which seems to be working out well. I can spend the quality time with my
family and be productive when it comes time to business work since I’ve
limited that time. But I couldn’t do it without the help of my husband. When
I have a huge order or inundated with orders, he will watch our daughter so
I can work for a few hours outside of the regular business hours.

Do you have a studio/work schedule? What works for you?

For the first time, yes and I love it! I’ve scaled down to filling orders to
3 nights a week and the other days are maintaining our home and family time.
I work outside of the home full-time so filling orders when they came in
became exhausting and frankly the house was being neglected. So instilling
this work/home schedule has worked out really well for me. Of course I’m
still checking emails/twittering outside of those 3 days but it just goes to
show how much I love what I do.

I love how organized her space looks – my kind of girl:)

Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m always keeping up with what other designers are doing but honestly
inspiration hits me at the most random times. My personalized note cards were designed
after rocking my daughter to sleep one night.

How do you separate working of your growing business from spending time with the family?

This is a difficult one for me and I’m still working on it.

Any tips you would like to share with us?

Be true to yourself. Comparing yourself with what others are doing will
minimize your productivity and hurt you in the long run. Be mindful of what
is “in style” but also make your own. Create a brand and be confident in
what you do because if you aren’t, no one else will be.

What’s your idea for a perfect day?

Oh that’s a hard one, Vana. A morning at the spa, come back to a spotless
home, and an impeccable dinner with my daughter and husband.

Do you keep/have a wish list? What are few things you like right now?

The Letter Bag from Moop
Just Be necklace from Laurel Denise
Espresso Brownie from Whimsy and Spice

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My family.

What makes you smile?

My daughter.


Thank you for sharing your tips with us Bridgett.
You can find Bridgett:
on Etsy
To get an inside scoop behind the scenes, don’t forget to also stop by her BLOG

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