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Beyond excitement!

Today I found out my parents’ visas came through and they will be traveling in the US to visit with us for 3 whole weeks. I am beyond excited! Where do I begin? The only thing i could possibly think is that I am so happy they aren’t here now…because now it wouldn’t be a good time to be around this household of ours. There are piles of orders packaged reaching the ceiling (almost) and ready to be shipped…paper, envelopes, fabric all over the place. I am not kidding. We have been working hard to ship everything in time for Christmas. And when this is all over, we can enjoy – and i really mean ENJOY!


Greece – September 2008, my parents.

My parents will be here end of first week in January until the end of the month. Niko has been so concerned about one thing “will they speak my language?”. This might be a problem. My parents speak very little English mainly Albanian and Greek and Niko and Aaron are doing so – so in those languages. So you guessed it, i will be doing a lot of the t-r-a-n-s-l-a-t-i-n-g..but I don’t mind it…I will have my family here with us for 3 weeks and this means more to me than anything right now.


Greece -September 2008, with my sweet sisters.

So there you have it folks!

Looking forward to blogging again in the near future…

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