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Lost in translation…

We spent 3 wonderful weeks with my parents. We’ve gotten used to the help so much that I don’t know how we’ll adjust back to life without it.


Their departure this Thursday has made me realize a few things:
– how wonderful it is to have family around and how much I miss having mine here ,
– how much appreciative we are of a warm cooked meal on daily basis (oh, and of the 30 prepared meals stacked inside our freezer!!!)
– how we rarely get to spend a few hours alone as a couple (but thanks to mom and dad we had a few dates alone)
– how it feels to come home to a sparkling clean space
….how much we are going to miss them, and look forward to our next visit.

Despite all these, I must admit we are ready to get back into the groove of things. Life has been great but a bit surreal if i can say so myself. I mean, I need to break into the old habit of making my own bed each morning, again…

The best part was seeing Niko interact with them, try to speak to them. My parents speak about 5% English. So between Greek, Albanian and English somehow we all got along and managed to be misunderstood only a handful of times:)

I will be off for a few more days. I must admit, it’s been nice staying away from the computer for a while. But I will be back soon with hopefully some happy news to share.
Til than…

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