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Renegade Chicago | Part I

This past weekend I set up to sell my silhouette creations (for the first time ever) at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.  Here are a few highlights from the weekend.
I thought sharing a booth would be the best way to go seeing how this was my first time selling at Renegade, so I did. My good friend Kelly, of Paper Stories was so kind to offer this. We arrived at Wicker Park around 9 AM Saturday morning while it’s purring down rain. I was a bit nervous thinking people might just skip the fair all together, but as it turns out, luck was on our side! We finished setting up around 11 AM as people started stopping by. The sky cleared and the sun showed up. yay.  I had so much fun chatting with Kelly, brainstorming creative ideas for our businesses, and even meet some amazing people. Every time I made a sale I giggled at the thought of sending my goodies to new homes! Lots of people were asking for business cards – which was great – because I already have received a ton of orders from people who decided to do their shopping at the comfort of their own homes.

Kelly and I at our booth, day 1 of Renegade. 

A few people thought we were the same company which I guess is a compliment because our work blends nicely together. Wouldn’t you agree?


A few new products made their debut here, like our 2011 CD calendars handmade silhouette journals,  silhouette melamine plates and even some unique jewelery (more on this coming soon).


I also launched my very first collection of letterpress stationery, fine art prints and coasters (shown on the picture above) which will be soon available on the website. People were all over these! I can’t get over how adorable they are (if I can say so myself!!).


Last but not least, my first published book!!  Here I am posing with my book, smiling big and ear to ear because not only am I thrilled to finally be holding it on my hands and tell people about it but also because a lot of the people stopping by the booth had already heard or seen the book and were happy to meet me in person! I brought a few signed copies which I sold to silhouette lovers.


Picture taken by my good friend Kasey!

All of you who didn’t make it to the fair but would love to have a signed copy of my Silhouette Art book, you can now purchase your copy here. It will arrive nicely packaged with a little surprise inside it!

For those interested in hearing about my experience on selling at Renegade, I will be sharing my thoughts, advice and what I learned on a Part II post coming soon. If there is something in particular you would like to hear/know, please share your questions on the comment area below. I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

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