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Running a Successful Online Business : Paperwork

I am joined by Lisa Guillot of Step Brightly to bring you another great topic on the Running a Successful Online Business video series : Paperwork- not always fun but oh so helpful!
Often neglected by us crafters, the paperwork is probably the most vital part of running a business. I have learned to embrace it (not really, but I have trusted others to help me with it) over the course of 3 years of running my own business. Decisions such as renting a studio space outside my home or hiring part time employees wouldn’t have been made if I didn’t have a clear understanding of how my finances looked like not only on monthly basis, but for the upcoming seasons.

(video length : 4:52 mins)

Useful Resources:
Software for book keeping: Quick Books Pro, K Billing, Fresh Books, Outright
Hiring help
Lena Kiefor, (doesn’t have a website, but can be reached at runs a company called Executive Global Tax & Payroll, big name for just her, but she comes highly recommended from another graphic design studio. Among other things Lena does invoicing, monthly budgets, payroll + accounting.
Another woman Lisa met recently is Angie Noll who owns Norita Co.  Norita helps individuals and businesses with daily money management and organization. Who doesn’t need that?
Free DIY Business Tutorials/Information
Accounting Spot – Small Business Accounting : DIY or done for you.
This blog offers great DIY posts on doing your own accounting via step by step tutorials. Great for people who have the time and want to give it a shot on their own.
Crafting an MBA – Business Thinking for Designers and Makers
Thank you for being with us for another post. There’s a lot more not covered here due to time restrains, so if you have questions, feel free to leave them below in the form of a comment below. We would love to know what you think. Feel free to share your experience.

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