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Month by Month | December

Hello there little one!

You’re almost 28 weeks old today. I can’t believe you’ll be here soon! We can’t wait to finally meet you!

We just celebrated our last Christmas just the 3 of us. Next year you’ll be here with us and it will be a full house, I’m sure:) We thank God for you each day, little one! This year has been truly amazing – as we’ve been given the greatest gift our family could have ever asked for – You! We look forward to 2012, the year we get to celebrate your birth! I often wonder how you would be like, whom you would look after – these are thoughts I have during the sleepless hours of night. I feel tired but also so excited when I feel you move. I know you must be feeling what I feel because you respond to it so quickly:) We have a special bond you and me. I hope and pray we keep it for a long time.

These past 2 weeks your big brother Nikolas was on break from school and we’ve spent a lot of fun times together. He is so happy to meet you and makes sure to tell me he will be a big helper. I never thought I will have 2 boys but boy am I the happiest mama!! Here is the picture of Niko kissing my belly and talking to you. I though it was too precious and one day I can’t wait to show it to you. I want you to know how much your brother loves you already! We all do!

Happy New Year sweet boy! Counting down the days to finally meeting you and holding you in my arms!!

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