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Pinterest – a new dominant force in Social Media?

I am sure you have heard of Pinterest and if you’re like me you’re probably there a lot to get your daily dose of inspiration. But what you might not know is that according to a recent study, Pinterest has become a new dominant force in the social media arena. This doesn’t surprise me one bit!

Through a recent search on my google analytics I quickly discovered Pinterest is directing major traffic on my website, blog and etsy shop – even more than Facebook and Twitter. The traffic has doubled in just the last month which translates in more views and also sales for my business.  But what makes Pinterest so appealing to so many?

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest offers stunning images with higher resolution which I am most likely to share with my peers and fans. And it works! People can pin content from various websites (which in essence is nothing more than creating a virtual mood board) and share it with their friends – increasing the traffic directed to those websites. I love creating different boards that correspond to various projects/ideas I have in mind. I can always go back and edit them, add more content to them and use them as inspiration on my work. Another fun, yet super helpful way to use a board would be for contests. When running a contest you can invite your fans/followers to comment on their favorite photo/idea – creating this way a close focus group.

Do you use Pintrest? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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