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The balancing act – business and the growing family

Happy Monday!

I am 35 weeks pregnant today – a month or so away from welcoming our precious boy. There is so much going through my mind right now – the excitement of a new baby, challenging thoughts about running Le Papier Studio in the next few months, and much more. I am also chin deep in projects that need to be completed in the next 3 weeks so that I can take some time off and enjoy being a mama to this precious boy.

Often I get asked what the plan is for when the baby arrives and I honestly don’t know. I’m sort of in the middle of figuring things out. I know creating makes me happy and I want to continue to do that as much as possible. But I would be lying if  I said running a business, and raising a family isn’t a lot of work. I am proud of where I’ve taken my business as it stands today. Looking back almost four years ago, I would have never dreamed of building something so unique and rewarding. That gives me the strength I need to continue to grow organically – which in its all honesty, is what I’m looking to achieve this year.  In an effort to put things into perspective for the next couple of months, I drew a list of tasks to accomplish before the baby arrives.

  • Complete all Logo/Branding projects
  • Launch the new 2012 Wholesale Collection
  • Launch 2012 Spring Collection (I am so excited about this one – can’t wait to share with all of you)
  • Discuss with assistant the plan about running LPS while on maternity leave
  • Prep nursery/boys room (more details to be shared here soon)
  • Finalize birth plan
  • Prepare hospital bags
  • Set up auto-reply for when I go into maternity leave

I tried hard to keep the list short by focusing only on what’s priority for now. Not sure if it’s the nesting instinct or what, but I tend to make looong lists – which let’s face it are so overwhelming and sometimes hard to approach:) I know many of you are mothers raising a family and working (whether in your business or for a business) – do you have any advise on juggling business and a growing family?

It has always been my goal to use this blog as a way to converse with you all and share my own experience on the balancing act. Do you mind sharing your thoughts?



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