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John Andrew’s 3rd Month Silhouette

Dearest John Andrew,

How are you going to be 4 months old next week? Where did the time go, sweet boy? I still remember carrying you in my belly, your kicks and moves, my endless worries, praying all would go well with your birth. And here we are, almost 4 months later – you becoming more active with every passing day and we falling in love with you more and more.

A lot has happened since last month. You got baptized! We went on our first family vacation. You can roll from your back on your tummy and the other way around. I love the look on your face when you do this! Boy how happy that makes you! You love looking at every move your brother makes, you crack a smile every time he talks to you. It melts my heart to see your love for each other grow.

Happy 3rd month birthday little one! Looking forward to celebrating you in August.



I’ve decided to draw John Andrew’s monthly silhouette until he turns 12 months old. I started this project with Nikolas as a way to document his growth. I take a picture of John Andrew on the same spot on our couch every month and pair it with his monthly silhouette.

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