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Dear Nikolas

Next week you will start 2nd grade.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but it’s been hard. I’ve had all kinds of emotions to sort through before I begin writing this letter to you. You’ve grown so so much this year both physically and mentally. You’ve become more responsible since you became an older brother. You are so very proud of that!

It’s been a difficult summer in that our family’s dynamics have changed. My attention has shifted mostly towards John for the known reasons and I feel I haven’t had as much one-on-one time with you. I know it’s silly to think this way, but I often wonder if you notice it and how that makes you feel. You’ve become more sensitive and I don’t know whether this is age related or because of the new addition to our family. I’ve learned to pay closer attention to you – in a different kind of way. It seems so long ago since I wrote this letter, even though it was just last year. Crazy, what one year does!

You often ask me to tuck you in bed at night. It’s the only time of day you and I can be together without any interruption. I love holding you just a little longer before you drift away to sleep. You’re still my baby, sweet boy!

Wishing you a great school year, Nikolas!




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