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John Andrew’s 8th Month Silhouette

Dearest John!

You’re 8 months old! Well, almost 9 by the time this post goes live. What a bliss it has been having you in our family! My heart is full of joy. You are such a blessing! I like to watch you at night as you drift to sleep. Those are the only moments you will sit still for me. You are so peaceful than! As I sit and hold you I whisper a prayer. I pray God watches over you and your brother at all times. I pray for wisdom and strength for all the challenges I’m faced with each day. But most of all I pray for protection and peaceful days ahead.

This month you learned how to crawl. It happened so fast! You move fast! Every time we look away, you’ve already moved into the next room. “Where is John?”, we ask. To the sound of that you stop and crawl backwards. It’s the funniest thing ever!

Your top teeth came in this week (4 of them!) and boy have you been restless! Night time is the hardest but you’re slowly getting better. You love books! And you have some favorites too. You laugh so hard at the sound of Nikolas pretending to be a dog. It’s so fun to see you two love each other up!

Grandma (Yiayia) was here for a month helping us out as my work got busier and busier. She cared for you and Nikolas and made yummy food for our family. She sang to you and read to you. We visited your cousins over Thanksgiving. They had never met you before. They loved you and wanted to hold you and feed you. Boy, are you in for a treat with all those girl cousins!

Next week it’s Christmas! Your very 1st Christmas, John! Last year you were inside my belly and we all were anticipating your arrival so very much! Looking forward to spending Christmas morning with my three boy! I am so blessed!

Love love love you!


I’ve decided to draw John Andrew’s monthly silhouette until he turns 12 months old. I started this project with Nikolas as a way to document his growth. I take a picture of John Andrew on the same spot on our couch every month and pair it with his monthly silhouette.

Photograph of 8 month John by my friend, Kelly Lyden for her 1st book. John was one of the kid models. What fun experience!

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