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A Letter to my Almost 2 Year Old Boy

Dear John,

In a few days you will be turning 2! How did this happen, sweet boy? I remember being pregnant with you, than giving birth to you, celebrating your 1st birthday… it all seems like yesterday.

I look at you, the incredible little person you have become, special on your own way – you never cease to capture our hearts every single day. In less than a year you’ve gone from toddling to running and dancing. These are the days you develop almost too fast, faster than I can or want to process. You’re like a little sponge. You repeat every funny word you hear – I melt at the sound of your voice…especially when you add an “s” at the end of every word you say:) I’ve tried to make a mental picture of every stage of your sweet life and I’m not sure I have a favorite yet!

You’re the most neat toddler I’ve ever seen. You love sorting and putting toys away, you even clean up after your brother:) We joke at the fact that you and Niko can not be any more different:) You adore your brother! My heart feels so much joy when I see the two of you love each other so much. Keep it up!

You have such good manners. You thank us when we do something for you (like filling up your sippy cup or changing your diaper). You love looking at books and flip those pages with such curiosity. I love seeing you do that! I hope that you continue to love reading even when you grow up.

You’ve taught me so much these past 2 years, John.  Thank you for inspiring me to let some things go in order to spend more time with you. Thank you for helping me slow down and take time to enjoy the little things that bring us joy. Thank you for making our family complete and giving me the absolute joy of being your mama.

Happy almost 2nd birthday, precious angel!

I love you so much!