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Product Turnaround

View the estimated turnaround times for our wide range of products so you know when to expect your final heirloom! 

We will always aim to turn around prints and jewelry on the lower end of our projected turnaround times. You can view additional turnaround notes on the individual product pages. These turnaround times are subject to change, you can expect an increase of up to 2 weeks during busy seasons (March - May, July, August and October - December.)

Additional Services

  • Add-On Engraving

    1 Week

    Sending in or adding engraving to a stock charm may extend the total turnaround by approximately 1 week.

  • Repair Services

    1-2 Weeks*

    Once we receive the piece back needing repairs, we aim to have the repair completed within 1-2 weeks. *This turnaround may vary depending on level of repair required, if new parts are needed, or anything needs to be sent to production.

  • Powdercoating

    1 Week

    Powdercoating is completed by a partner service, it requires 1 additional week added to the overall turnaround of Ornaments.

  • Add-A-Charm


    Add-A-Charm service follows the traditional process for new charm production, but is dependent on when we receive the existing piece.