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The definition of motherhood

The definition of motherhood

The other night I was talking with a sweet mama who is expecting her third baby any day. We chatted about the excitement and anticipation leading up to a new baby joining the family, but also about the difficulties that adding that sweet babe to the family can bring.

"Such a sacred space you're in right now," I told her. "Right on the cusp of all this anticipation coming to fruition. You know exactly what's coming but have no idea what to expect."

"YES. It's bizarre actually. You really nailed it with that one sentence."

I thought about this exchange as the day wore on, and I realized that indeed that one sentence did completely summarize the definition of motherhood. You know what's coming, but you have no idea what to expect.

You knew there would be hard days, but you never expected to find yourself locked in the bathroom while the kiddos cried at the door because you needed just 3 minutes alone.

You knew there'd be happiness, but you never expected to get the giggles (to the point of tears) with your 4 year old over something that wasn't even remotely funny.

You knew there'd be illnesses and injuries, but you never expected to cry along with your child as they had their dislocated elbow reset.

You knew there's be sleepless nights, but you never expected to become physically sick because you'd not slept in 3 days.

You knew there'd be so much love, but you never expected to feel as though your heart would actually burst through your chest as you watched your child sleeping soundly.

You knew you'd be sending them off into the world on their own someday, but you never expected it'd be so hard.

It may seem impossible sometimes, this motherhood thing. There is no handbook to help you fully prepare for all that's to come, yet you press forward. You do your best. You do the hard work. Always remember sweet mama...even though you knew it'd be difficult, you never expected you'd be so beautifully equipped to navigate it.