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Dear Nikolas

Dear Nikolas

You started middle school this week! I won't lie. I was looking forward for school to start and our life to fall back into somewhat of a routine. But what I haven't been looking forward to is you being a 6th grader. Seems like yesterday that you started 1st grade at our beloved Guardian Angel School in Chicago.  So much has changed since state, new city, new school, new friends...the list is long. You too have changed, as to be expected. I love the boy you have grown to be and I look forward to how you will continue to grow this year.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • You're a great helper, landing a hand around the house. You're doing this in exchange of some allowance money. You're showing signs of maturity already:)
  • This month we will start testing your babysitting abilities...with your little brother. You're a year away from legal babysitting/working age, so we thought we'd start you out at home.
  • You are part of the school's band and play a trumpet - so far so good.

I am looking forward to this year, Nikolas. You've grown so much already. I love you so much sweet boy!