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For the love of silhouettes: Interview with Meg Hillery

For the love of silhouettes: Interview with Meg Hillery
Meg is a wife and mommy to one precious boy, Alden and the genius behind the darling instagram feed @megluxe.
I wanted to interview Meg and share her love for silhouettes (as you know I am a bit biased:)
When did you first fall in love with silhouettes?
My parents collected antiques and I must have been exposed to silhouettes at an early age because I have memories of always loving them and thinking they were somewhat enchanting. They give you only a hint of what someone looks like. When I was twelve my sister took me to Disneyland and treated me to having my silhouette hand-cut by one of their silhouette artists. I thought it was just the most amazing thing ever! I always envisioned having the silhouettes of my children hanging in my home one day.
You use silhouettes to document your little boy's life. Tell us more about it.
When we designed my son's nursery we left a frame empty so we could fill it with his newborn silhouette. When he was weeks old we took his side profile photo and cut it out of cardstock, mounted it and framed it for his nursery wall. Children change by the day so having that sweet little profile saved forever is such a treasure to us!
Besides silhouettes what other methods do you use to capture and record your little one?

Silhouettes are such a beautiful and classic way to represent and remember someone you love. They are sweet, sophisticated and timeless! They go well with each decor style!

As a mother, time moves faster than ever and each day I am yearning to capture and record every moment before it slips away. We document and treasure our family's milestones through photography, monthly update photo, journaling, family growth charts and hand print ornaments...and many other things. Taking a few moments to take a photo is so special down the road but going the extra step to turning it into a silhouettes is that much more when it comes to capturing our little ones. We love documenting out son's life daily and the yearly silhouette pumpkin has been a fun way to do it.

The genius Silhouette Pumpkin! Tell us more!

We love making these silhouette pumpkins. We started when Alden was a tiny wee baby and have been doing them (life size) every year. 💙 They are super easy to make. You'll need a fake foam pumpkin (we got ours from Hobby Lobby), some tape, your printed silhouette, some pushpins and an xacto knife!

Directions: tape your printed silhouette to your craft pumpkin, then slowly poke a pushpin through the paper and into a pumpkin along the line you want to cut. Make the holes close enough to capture the details then remove the paper and use the holes as a guide to cut the pumpkin with an xacto knife! Smooth rough edges with fine sand paper (optional).

You are one of our most loyal customers! What do you love about LPS and what's your new favorite product?
I am head over heels with just about LPS piece!
Vana is the expert at taking a snapshot of time and transforming it into a beautiful heirloom piece that can be worn and cherished for years and years. It is so magical to wear a completely personalized and sentimental piece of jewelry, especially when it is the delicate silhouette of someone you love. It is the sweetest way to keep your loved ones near and dear!
My husband had designed and made a few charms for me when I was pregnant. I loved the idea of having a sterling silver silhouette charm of our new baby boy.  When I was introduced to LPS I immediately fell in love! The charms were exactly what I had envisioned.
My first LPS piece was my first Mother's Day gift - it was our son's silhouette charm for my charm bracelet. It sits between two other sentimental silver charms that represent my son: a lamb and a key with an A in it (which my husband made).
We plan to have our future children's profiles made into charms and added to that bracelet.
I also own the Classic Silhouette Tiny Charm Necklace (with our son's one year silhouette). The tiny gold charm is so dainty and delicate, I love the delight that comes over people's faces when they discover it is a silhouette. When I mention it is my son's silhouette they are blown away and ask where I had it made. Following suit with the bracelet, we plan to add our future children's one year silhouette to this necklace.


Once we are done having children, I plan on purchasing the gold silhouette locket and the laser engraved tie bar made with all their silhouettes.