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5 Favorite Things

5 Favorite Things

It's Friday, you guys and it's time for this week's list of 5 favorite things. This one was hard to narrow down. With the holidays fast approaching, I've been browsing the web for unique products to gift friends and family (and ahem...myself). Here are the 5 things I'm loving this week.

One - True Botanicals products. The super concentrated, bio-active ingredients will never harm your health or skin. I picked up a few of their products while searching for anti-aging skincare products. I've been using the products for a couple of months now, and guys, and couldn't recommend them enough (this from a gal who is very skeptical about any skincare line!) Their mists and face oils are truly a luxury!

Two - The Sweet Home is a website that offers the best tried and true gadgets and gear for people who are looking for what to get without having to search for all the reviews on various sites. This site does all the leg work for you! I am getting this travel mug for my hubby for Christmas (shhh...he doesn't know yet!)

Three - Monsters & Buildings is a fun coloring books for the whole family! Author is a very talented dear friend. Moms of boys, you should definitely buy this coloring book!

Four - Framed Silhouettes - because meaningful art will never go out of style. Especially art that features your loved ones' silhouettes drawn from their photos. Just imagine grandma's face on Christmas morning as she unwraps a piece with all her grandchildren's sweet silhouettes on it.

Five - In the Company of Women - Grace Bonney's latest book filled with advise from over 100 makers, entrepreneurs and artists. I truly enjoyed this one!

There you have it! I hope you have a great weekend!