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Adding to the little man’s room decor

Today was a quite and productive day at our home. I was left alone to catch up with work (my part time daily job that is) for a good 3 hour period. Aaron and Nikolas went to IKEA to look at kitchen ideas (yes, we are thinking of adding an island and some storage into our tiny condo kitchen).

Instead they came back with two lamp shades for me. For a while now I have been thinking about adding a little more detail in Niko’s room to match the rest of the decor. I am always very excited when it comes to decorating, especially since I can’t seem to find the time to achieve this in my busy days.

So I started with a silhouette from ApplePieDesigns which we had purchased for his room a while back). I stenciled the same silhouette on the lamp and painted using acrylics…and VOILA….

I think it turned out pretty nice…His room is painted gray and had blues and whites and some green…Even Nikolas loved it. Let’s see if this will make him want to sleep the whole night in his bed. Here are some other pictures from his room, that show the silhouettes on the wall.
I have been thinking about may be working on a similar project to sell on my Etsy but am not so sure it will sell. Any thought? Anyone?

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