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Inspiron 1720 has arrived…

I can’t even say when was it that I got so attached to my laptop…it must have been so long ago, since I don’t even remember life without it….
I do remember that last time it broke down, I couldn’t do any work (my work is all in computer-the beauty of being an architect) and I literally felt I was missing an arm….

I am not one of those people who know how to properly operate a computer. I get frustrated when something goes wrong…and become very impatient. I call my honey at work (oh he will be happy not to be bothered with computer issues for a while now) to tell me what to do. I am a “clicker” as he calls me….yes I am.

Anyhow, the thing is we bought a new computer for me since the one I currently use has been acting up and shutting down for now reason. We think it has been hacked…yikes….

I know am a proud owner of an Inspiron 1720 with a 17″ screen (I know…). It is HUGE! It will take me a little time to adjust to it…I am now using an Inspiron E1505…

I thought I’d share with you a picture of Nikolas today.
He was so happy to claim the the computer as “his puter”. The next thing he did was climb inside the box pretending to be asleep…Here is a shot….

He was very frustrated with the box, because it wouldn’t seal completely for him…He literally wanted to sleep in it. He made that very clear by telling me “mommy don’t bother me, I need to sleep in the box”….
Some days I just stare at him and wonder how did it all happen so fast, how did my little boy become a person who can speak and express his thoughts very clearly?
When I call him “little” he quickly corrects me by saying “I am not little, I am Niko….I am a big boy”. Yes he is a big boy and my heart just melts at the sound of those words.

But to me, you will always be “my little boy, sweet Nikolas”….

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