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Here we go again…..

It’s April 1st!!! I don’t mean April 1st as in the “fools day”….but the early stage of Spring.
The only thing is that….there is no Spring in the air, at least not in the air I breath….it’s been gloomy and rainy all day here…

I have been swamped with Etsy orders…How did that happen? It seems like I have been discovered overnight. I have met some amazing people on the Etsy forums, who have offered me the much needed advice and feedback on my items. I have truly become very addicted to the wonderful world of Etsy. I am amazed how many stay at home mothers are involved in it. I feel very supported and this is a huge boost for my creativity….so watch out world (yeah right!).

My very first Etsy client, Sonya, even paid for her order prior to me working on it, which makes me want to finish it even faster. I love it when people are on top of things, it inspires me to become better.

These are some of the latest designs i have been working on…..and they have sold very well already…but I still would love to know what do you think of them?
I have done some research on photographing my work….I love photography and I am not very good at it. So I read about it and educate my self whenever I can.
This is one of my favorite blogs recently. It’s called Folio Hello. I love the layout, so crisp and clean. It is full of great advice and tutorials on how to make the best of your pictures. Not to mention that she sells some of my favorites on her Etsy shop, cute t-shirts and cloth totes.

Because it is the start of a new month (and hopefully the beginning of Spring), I am going to offer another free gift to all my blog readers (that would be you now).
This one is a BUY 2 GET ONE FREE.


All you have to do is tell me how you found me and my shop, and when you purchase 2 items from my shop, you get the third one free (choose anything from my shop of equal or lesser value). Please let me know which item you like to receive as free gift on the “message to seller” section. You also save on shipping, since i will only charge for the 2 items.

I feel so blessed with life right now, and I want to do something small to return the favor….
Happy April to all!

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