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To Nikolas

Dear Nikolas,

You are the most amazing almost 3 year old that I have ever known.
You are my morning sunshine, my first reason to wake up and smile.
You make me laugh so hard and cry so quickly….
You say the most amazing words…
You have a way to make me not be disappointed at you for too long.
You are the most loving little boy I know.
You have the cutest face and that silly smile that I love.
You tell me you will love me forever (awww…so sweet!)
You run to me for everything, little and big…(like kissing a boo-boo).
You can’t go to sleep without me being next to you, and you touching me hair (really, when is this going to end, Nikolas???)
You say “I am mommy’s” when asked “whose are you?”
We have the best playtime together….

Nikolas, I love you so much …

Your Mama…

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