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I went to visit a chiropractor (or as he would refer to himself, a “fake doctor”) last night. He is a friend from church and I had been wanting to make an appointment for the longest time. I am one of those people who hates doctors, hospitals, and I don’t go unless I have too (that is, unless I am dieing – ha!). So in an attempt to avoid prescribed medication, I visited a holistic doctor…..

He did whatever those type of doctors do, he checked my muscles for reflexes and questioned me on my diet. He even discovered that the right side of my body is off…go figure; he showed me in the mirror that my one shoulder was higher than the other. I blamed the type of work I do and the long hours sitting in front of the computer…who knows.

After getting my neck and back adjusted (never had that done before) I was given some dietary supplements to take on daily basis and he promised (i like that) that I would be feeling much more energetic in the next couple of weeks.
I know a friend of mine uses a chiropractor and she is very happy with him. Any of you who have a similar story to tell? I would love to hear your thoughts on this (I am supposed to visit him on weekly basis for a month)

On a different note, here is what has been selling a lot on my ETSY SHOP.

My clients have asked me to customize their prints by converting pictures of their little ones into silhouettes. I love this idea!

I have started taking pictures of the prints on frames. I think it helps with visualizing them better. What do you all think?

Enjoy Spring everyone!

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