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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!
We have been all sick but despite that we have enjoyed the weekend!
Aaron was home on Friday so we had a super long weekend together filled with church services and celebration. Christ is Risen!!!!

We celebrated Easter this Sunday and couldn’t possibly have had a better time spent with friends.
I am happy to say that I did absolutely nothing work related this weekend (well besides cooking a couple of dishes) and I truly enjoyed that. I get so busy working on my new business that I just forget to spend time with my loved ones. None of that this weekend! We rested, ate good food, played, colored and enjoyed spending time together.

I have been searching on creative ways to frame my Silhouette Prints.
Look what I came across to this morning….

This one is by artist Stephanie Nielson….I just love her work. Look how clean her style is! And look at those frames, priceless, classic yet modern….Oh, I got me inspired again!

These cool silhouette are by artist Karl Johnson……
(images are from

On a post note, I am giving away another Free gift on my Etsy: with every purchase of 2 of any Stationery set, you get a set of 24 stickers in matching design (for free). This gift is on top of the “FREE print with any order for the next 10 coming orders” (only available to my blog readers – so please mention this on the “comments to seller”).
Hurry everyone, it’s only good for this week!!!

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