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The Weekend

All our family lives far from us. Aaron’s brothers and parents each live in different states. My family lives even further away, in Europe. So even though we are so blessed to have friends we love and respect here, it’s nice to see our family every once in a while….

This weekend was a special one for us as Aaron’s parents came to visit. Nikolas has been super hyper as you can all imagine. He has been showing off, craving attention, and in the midst of all that showing everyone how happy he is and how much he loves us…

We live outside Chicago and for being that close to the city we rarely take trips to visit and check out museums. We used to when we were in college but those days are long gone.
So, we checked out Chicago’s famous Shed Aquarium and loved every minute of it. Nikolas was amazed with all the different sea creatures and loved the most the Blue Iguana

Look at this picture. The iguana is actually looking right at him….
I wonder what kids this age think when they see such amazing creatures….This was my first time to see Iguanas, so was Niko’s.

I love this picture! They were both pretty tired….and don’t they look the same?!!!

I happened to love corals, so i got to see how they cultivate them….Pretty amazing!!Most of the corals i have seen growing up were red and orange. I guess it depends where they grow.

Thank God for awesome weekends!

…………….and the much needed rest, of course!!!!!!

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