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A while back, we hired a very good friend of ours to make three drawings of Nikolas. Her name is Kerry Brooks and she is one of the best artists I have ever come to know. Her attention to detail is amazing. She has studied in two of the most well known institutes, the New York Academy of Art in New York, NY and Ukrainian Academy of Art in Kiev, Ukraine.
Her work has been featured in many exhibitions and galleries and she has received several awards.

She is most known for creating self portraits that truly capture the moment. I had the honor to live with Kerry and her husband, Nate (also an architect and best friend to my husband) for almost 1 year prior to marrying Aaron.

Today, I wanted to share one of the three drawings of Nikolas she did for us.

(this drawing was created from a picture my dear sister in law, Gloria had taken of Nikolas when we were visiting them – i think he was 14 month old than)

More of Kerry’s work…..

Insomnia – Self Portrait
She is also an amazing illustrator…

It’s such a pleasure to know such talented people.
Speaking of talented people, here is another reason why I felt so eager to have a post about artists. I had a photo pendant made from an Etsy artist, Christina of Gracie Jewelry Designs.

I am a sucker for picture pendants or any jewelry with pictures for that matter.
Is it just me, does anyone else love these little beauties?

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