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Thursdays are for you and me.

As I mentioned on a previous post, I have started going into the office to work a couple of half days a week. This allows me to get my work done without interruption from the little guy but also plan my week better. Before, I would work pretty much all day to try to get in the hours I needed. But since I started selling on Etsy, I found myself juggling too many things at once. So far this is working well for us. I was able to find a couple of friends to watch him during the days I go in.

On top of this, I have been busy with new orders and marketing my work. If I have learned one thing from starting my own custom stationery business, is that you can’t just dedicate a couple of hours of your day, it pretty much takes up most of it without you knowing it.

But enough with work…
Today is Thursday! Thursdays are for Niko and I to play, eat, laugh and snuggle. On Thursdays we try to catch up on our story telling, walks to the park, visiting friends and naps together.

We do a good job at having fun and keeping each other happy….

But mainly, we never forget those hugs and kisses….ah those kisses, and….the chocolate snacks…
How can you have enough of these? How can you say “goodbye, see you next week” to a day like this?!!! I feel days like this can go on forever and I wouldn’t complain (I think…).

“I have a secret tell you, Nikolas. I am not quite ready for preschool to start! I know, I know…I have been raving about how much free time I will have and what I would be doing first. But the truth is, I am not ready for you to grow up just yet! Am I a selfish Mama? May be so! But all I can say is that I will miss you and that stinky face of yours for those 3 l o n g hours away from you! In the meantime, let’s enjoy today…..with all its moments!

………………….yes I know you made a mess, I know you smeared chocolate on my fine, white linens, but it’s ok! I love you and I know you will do better tomorrow!


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