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Our little boy is turning 3 next week! I am so proud of him, of the little man he has become. Of all the little things he has taught me in the past three years.
I can’t begin to express to you all the fillings and thoughts that go through my mind right now. I am already thinking about his high school days, his graduation and his college applications…his acceptance and all his experiences….ok, I better slow down here. I might have gone just a bit too far. This is how I am, supper emotional….

Speaking of graduation, our little man is graduating from HOPE , a program at our Church for kids prior to their preschool years. They will have a little ceremony where the little ones will get to walk down as they receive their ‘diplomas’ and even throw their caps….oh I can’t wait to see Nikolas on a cap.

We have started to prepare for Niko’s 3rd birthday. And because I am always super late, this year I was on time in sending out little invites (I had no excuse this year).

Nikolas was very clear when asked what theme he would want for his birthday…..”I WANT BUNNY CAKE” he said….that’s right.. We are having a bunny theme birthday with all that comes with it….Bunny Invitations, (these little beauties made it to my shop this morning) bunny decorations, and a yummy bunny cake….

So now I have to come up with a way to make a bunny cake…I am thinking a mold ought to do it. Any ideas what works best? I was going to see what they have in stores….If you could share your thoughts on this I would appreciate it! Got to make the little guy happy, right?

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