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Happy 3rd Birthday, dear Nikolas!

Five years ago, your mommy and daddy got married not even knowing one day you will be born. Two years later, you were born dear Nikolas! We were so excited to finally have you with us! So much has changed since three years ago, you have grown into an amazing little man.
Today, as we celebrated your 3rd birthday and your graduation from HOPE, I realized how much I look forward to you growing up. I am so happy you love school and can’t wait till September. I hope and pray that God will keep you and bless you with family, friends and people that love you. You are such a sweetheart, dear Nikolas and mama is so very proud of you.

So here is to you Nikolas, and another year full of happiness and new adventures!

I love you very much,


….don’t forget we get to celebrate more on Sunday, with all our friends…..Yippee!!!!

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