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Birthday Bunny

We celebrated Niko’s 3rd birthday this Sunday, although his official birthday was last Tuesday.
We had lots of hopping little bunnies around here which made it extra special for our Niko. The party was a “success” (or a “succecs” as he would put it).

We had bunny cake to top it all of and even had the kiddos go away with cute little bunny themed favors.
But the best part of the whole party, were the party hats…the bunny party hats my genius husband came up with…..Take a look..

Isn’t this the cutest little bunny or what?

I know, you’re all can’t wait to see pictures of the bunny cake…so here goes…

Happy Birthday little bunny! We look forward to see you grow each year a bit more.
Love you lots,
Mommy and Daddy.

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