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Back from Santa Barbara

We are back from our 3 days vacation to Santa Barbara, California. We had the best time ever. So great, that I literally don’t know where to begin….I thought if i broke it down to what we did, I might be able to cover most of it.

The Hotel

We stayed at West Beach Inn on the famous Cabrillo Boulevard. The beach, the harbor, everything was steps away from our room. The hotel has two pools, one smaller for families with little ones. Even though we didn’t use any of them, they looked amazingly clean and very up to date. The service was great and everyone was very friendly.

The Beaches
There are a lot of these as you can all imagine. We discovered our favorite sports and made sure to document them. We found out that the best time to go on a walk was late afternoon, after the sun had set down.

To our surprise not many people were taking walks by the beach (at least not this weekend). Most of them would run along the beach side in the AM….I would rather be sleeping than!
I grew up in a beach town but I am not a beach girl. I would rather take walks with my hubby and feel the refreshing afternoon breeze.

The City
There is a lot to do in Santa Barbara. We had to take our picks and decide quickly as we only had a 2 days to explore the city. And as we both know, we don’t like to plan anything in advance we were glad to bring our laptop along to help us locate places worth seeing. A quick tip here: if time is limited, ask locals about recommendations rather than spending time to found out for yourself (we learned this the hard way).

Gate detail, Montecito, Santa Barbara, CA.

I love taking pictures of architectural details (i wonder why:) to use as inspiration on my artwork. I actually started a sketch on the plane on our way home. I am planning on doing a series of pencil drawing with all the great detail images I documented this weekend. Stay tuned as i will be posting them on my blog in the days to come.

You will find all sorts of details like this all over Santa Barbara. The Spanish style dominates here, with all its components and diversities.

The Wedding
The main reason we visited Santa Barbara was to attend a family wedding. My god brother, Steve married the lovely Fotini. The wedding, was very elegant and simple. The perfect topping to our relaxing weekend.

Built on a hill overlooking the city, Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, is one of a kind. It’s simple shape and the white and blue colors, give you the impression you are somewhere in Greece.

The wedding invitation and programs, created by Le Papier Studio

Steve and Fo, the lovely couple.

God bless your marriage forever!! You truly are a perfect match and we couldn’t be any happier!
The End
I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this little break. I had mentioned how much I would be missing Nikolas, and I did. Aaron would laugh at me every time I would look at my phone for any missed calls. He did great! When we got back, he was still up waiting for us. I was in tears to see his sweet face again.

I live you with a picture my hubby took of me this morning as we were getting ready to come home.

a peaceful moment…

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