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Rough day

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel everything could have changed in a split second? Your life could change forever….We had one of those days today!

Nikolas came down with pretty painful mouth sores. As though this wasn’t enough to make him suffer throughout the day, what happened next was by far our worst experience ever.

Aaron was trying to remove a toy that Niko had stuck between our balcony sliding doors…when all of the sudden…the door comes loose and falls on Nikolas….landing on the coffee table but knocking him on the floor. All I could hear was Aaron saying “oh Nikolas noooooo”! That was it for me, I panicked and started screaming like a mad woman. That whole time I had pictured something like this happening, but I thought I am crazy, it would never happen (as we both paid constant attention and made sure the little guy stayed out of the way). If I can be one thing in a moment like this, that is not being a help to anyone. But I did pull myself together and picked him up making sure he was still breathing and all (just writing about this gives me the chills). He was ok! Thank God!
We ran to the ER to get him checked for broken bones, concussions (God knows what!)….and after a couple of hours, we came home. No broken bones, no head injuries! Praise the Lord!

How did this happen to us? We are overprotective of him, and watch his every move (he is a very active boy). Everything happened in a split second. I went to the other room, Nikolas fallowed me than he changed his mind and decided to go watch Aaron. Aaron was on the other side of the door and didn’t even think the door would be crashing on the other side….Thank God the coffee table was where it was to catch most of the weight from the door.

If what happened didn’t make Aaron feel bad enough, Nikolas kept telling everyone at the hospital that his daddy hit him with the door….Oh boy! (we’re laughing now!)

We will still be watching for headaches and other concussions throughout the night, praying for a peaceful night for our little angel.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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