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Belle and Boo

When I first started selling on Etsy I quickly discovered a couple of favorite shops. Since then, the list has grown longer but I still keep a few very close to my heart.
One of them, is Belle and Boo. Mandy is the British artist behind everything amazing that’s happening at Belle and Boo. She recently launched her online shop

Her illustrations are based on real childhood characters. Belle, is based on a younger Mandy and Boo would be her little pet bunny. How sweet!

When I find artists whose work I love, I quickly try to find out if they have a blog where they talk more about their art and passion for it…..and Mandy sure had one.
I am very interested in seeing where people come from, their work spaces ….more so than seeing the artists themselves. Her studio evolved from a corner space in her living room to a modern studio she and her boyfriend designed and build themselves.

This print has been on my list of favorites….but not for too much longer.

This will be a prefect addition to my little guy’s room. I can’t wait to purchase it soon!

And look at her “Little Madam” dolls created by printing her images on inkjet fabric sheets.

These little dolls have inspired me with my own project for Christmas. Stay tuned. More on that coming up in the Fall. So here you have it folks! Take a moment and head over to her shop and check out all her amazing creations.

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