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Printing by {Hand}

First of, I wanted to thank all of you who so kindly advised me on which layout to go with for my Santa Barbara sketches. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear from all the talented people, who not only care to read my blog but take a moment and share their opinions. THANKS!

I have had so many ideas about new projects I want to complete…(hmmm, more like start and hope to complete). I just need to figured out some sort of schedule to somehow fit them in my already busy days.
The latest on my “to do” list is this….

that’s right….I want to learn how to print by hand using some of the designs I have already created for my stationery line. I had mentioned a Christmas project a couple of posts ago…Well, this is it folks….My Christmas project consists of fabric printing….there is so much in my mind right now and all the different ideas…
I have been contacting talented Etsy artists and asking them all sorts of questions about the process, materials, resources and I am so happy with all the help I have received.

I came across this amazing book by Lena Corwin as I was reading one of my favorite daily blogs, Cicada Daydream and I decided I had to have it…This book is a must for people like me, who love to learn more about the process of printing by hand. It walks you step by step (sometimes a little too slow) thru all the ins and outs of this art. Once you read this book (and believe me you will read it fast) you will get into thinking of all the cute stuff you can make. I am thrilled…I can’t wait to get my hands dirty!!!!

Lena is kind enough to include several of her own templates…in case you want to achieve the same look she is talking about in this book…

I love this set! So simple and peaceful…I want to create my own patterns so bad….
Aaron is laughing at me…he knows my excitement will wear off in a couple of weeks. This time is different honey…I am doing this! I am totally doing this….I am off to the art supply store!

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