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Being you….

Dear Nikolas,

Some days, I just wish I was you! Waking up in the morning with a big smile, screaming “I want breakfaaaaast” as you would know that is the only thing that would quickly get me out of bed…and it works! You know me so well!

Some days, I wish I could wrap my head around the most amazing things you say like “Mommy, please don’t make the car so cold….because…(pause) hmmm…(pause)I think… it hurts my feelings” or “I need to be watch TV just a little bitten” (meaning “just a little bit”)….

It’s been a bit frustrating trying to potty train you….Whenever I try to explain to you that big boys use the potty, you’d ask me why…and no matter how many times I explain the whole thing to you…you reply in the same tone…”but why?” I feel hopeless, unsuccessful, frustrated.

Despite all these, it takes no efforts for you to remind me how proud I am of you for doing so many other things just right (like never forgetting to brush your teeth in the morning)..that I soon realize that sooner or later you will get there….one little step at a time.

I think I’m going to worry about all these another day. Today, I just want to tell you that I love you just as you are, a sweet, messy, brilliant little boy!



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