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Just the 3 of us.

I can’t remember how life used to be prior to having Nikolas. I think it’s silly to even try to remember! One thing I do recall is people telling us, “once you have him, forget about sleeping in…or about sleep all together”…Come on, I thought, how bad can it be! I used to be up most of the night the first weeks because he needed me, but also because I wanted to make sure he was for real…I would watch him sleep and breath in his breath…
I still love to watch him sleep but that is during the day. At night, I’m out, completely….He still sleeps in our bed a couple of times a week…that’s because he says “I need to!”. The nights he sleep in his bed, I miss having him in our bed….Obviously, we haven’t tried hard enough to stop this!

We had breakfast in the balcony today. Aaron made us crepes with lemon and powdered sugar topping. Both Niko and I agreed that dad should stick with things we like…but we appreciate his love to experiment (just not with food!).

I love this picture of the two of them. I know what you’re thinking…They do look alike a lot…on the outside. Besides that, he is all me!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Ours is moving quickly but we are loving every bit of it!

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