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Come on, are you for real???!!!

I try hard to keep my business frustrations to myself and not make them part of my blogging. I really try to focus on positive thinking when I post here. And it helps to get the most supportive feedback from my readers. Thank you all for that!

But I’ve had it recently! I can’t stand anymore being pushed around by angry ETSY clients! Especially after working my {you know what} …off to make them happy! What’s wrong with some people? I have been selling for 5 months now, and I have had 2 really bad experiences…I have literaly lost sleep over them!

I get a request for a custom order, and after having the proof approved and started the printing, to only receive an email from the client saying that her husband didn’t really like the set because it looks too much like the one his brother ordered…Are you for real???? And they expect me to do another set free of charge?…because that is not what they really wanted? After I was told “we love it, go ahead and print it?”. Why is this all of the sudden my fault??

It’s been great selling on Etsy…but I have had my bad moments with a couple of clients. I really try to accommodate everyone, but enough is enough….I would ship a second set if something went wrong, free of charge but I can’t take it when people blame me for something I had no say on….

I have decided to get my own retail online shop. I have actually started working with an amazingly talented website designer and the plan is to have it up and running by the end of October. I will spend some of my time while in Europe working on graphics and wording for my new website. I will still keep my Etsy shop but most of my items will only be available on my website.

Sorry about this post everyone, I just really needed to vent. I hope to do another, more upbeat post soon!

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