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An afternoon with college friends…

Niko seeping away the “oh yeah juice”….lots of it and in different colors.

We spent Saturday afternoon with my husbands’ collage friends. They try to do a yearly reunion every Labor Day weekend. We are usually either on vacation so this year was our first time attending. It was great to see and catch up with everyone. This group of friends went to college with Aaron and I know a few of them really well but it felt great to get to talk/meet the rest of them.

Niko loved hanging out so much that when we left we had a little drama going on…All of the sudden we weren’t “his best friends” anymore (that’s what he says when we decide to take off!).

It was so nice to see our good friends Nate and Kerry who currently live about 3 hrs away but who will soon be moving closer due to job relocation….Kerry is an artist and does the most amazing oil paintings (all commissioned work, of course). I talked her ears off about Etsy and how she should have an Etsy shop. I think she is convinced and will give it a try.

Thanks Peter for taking this picture of us…is one of the few where we both are in the picture.

How was your weekend? I hope you got to rest and charge up for the new week….

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