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The day has finally arrived….

I am not talking about any random day, like when he learned to say “mama” and “dada” or eat on his own, or become potty trained… oh no no no no!!! I am talking about the day I have been dreading for a long time. The day I will watch him pack his backpack (all on his own!), comb his hair and tell me “Let’s go! Today is my school day” (meaning his first day at school)…That’s the day I am talking about!

Last night I took a little longer putting him to bed, I read to him and talked to him about his big day and I know he knew today was a big day…I held him a little longer and kissed him wanting to never let go…

Today, my baby started Preschool! He has been ready to say the least. I finally realized that when I saw him in the classroom this morning. I couldn’t help looking around for another mother who was trying real hard to hold back her tears….Was I the only one? I don’t think so! I kept telling Aaron “look at him, he is ready”…I must have told him that many many times…

We stayed until the end of the story to make sure he was ok….He was more than OK! We gave him a little kiss and a little sticker inside the palm of his hand and told him we really really love him and are so proud of him. He kissed us back and than we left! I went back to pick him up and the sweetest moment was yet to come….
When they discharge them, they do it one at a time…Nikolas was the first one…

You can imagine me! Wouldn’t you be craying happy tears seeing your kiddo running for you in that grown up boy, see I can do it, kind of look?

Here is to you and a year full of new adventures Nikolas!

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