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A simple day

On a simple day, we wake up to see this…We enjoy our breakfast pondering at the quite sea. We count the fishing boats as they come in and out of the harbor…I can’t tell you how peaceful this is.

While Niko sleeps, I get to sketch and sip some tea. I know I will be missing these peaceful moments very soon.

We have been eating a lot of fresh sea food. Niko had so much fun seeing this fish move as my dad was trying to clean it.

Niko and Nino after the afternoon walk….

We’ve been here almost 1.5 weeks now and no swimming at the beach yet. It’s been cold in here too…like no other year. Nikolas has been sick with the flue and has been hard making him take his meds. At moments like this I wish I was home in the States. I don’t like to run in and out of the emergency room in an unfamiliar place (even though I grew up here – i feel more comfortable with hospitals in the States)…It’s been hard for Aaron too, being far from us and all. I just pray all goes well and our little guy feels better soon.

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