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Home buddies…

Since work at the office has been slow, I have been doing a lot of the following:

-waking up at the sweet voice of Niko calling me “Mommy, breakfast time, for you and Niko”
-playing, coloring, reading
-going to the park
-starting to cook dinner at 2 pm, which never happened before
-thinking about new products to add to my shop
-catching up with friends over the phone…

the list goes on and on and I love it…

It’s been a good transitioning period, I can’t complain. I have had quite a few orders on daily basis from Etsy which keeps me busy when Niko takes his nap. I have also been working with the designer nailing down all the details for my new website. Exciting times!!!

Today we wanted to be home buddies…so we stayed in…and enjoyed the beautiful day from our balcony…

Picture via Bliss

Sweet grapes are the best snack in mid afternoon…espcially when they are served in such cute cup (purchased at Little byRD…)

There is nothing more rewarding to me than watching my little boy and interacting with him almost the whole day. Days like this, make me count my blessings.

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