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Comfy corners

I don’t know about you, but I love comfy corners…spots in my home that make me happy. This morning I took advantage of the sunlight (which I adore) and snapped pictures of a couple of spots around my house that make me smile. Here they are:

throw pillows as the morning rays of sun lay upon them….

my honey and I back in our college days…I love displaying our photographs around the house, including our bathrooms. That sun again…

I am a sucker for freshly made bed..freshly ironed linens…I love to look at it as i walk by or crawl in for an afternoon nap.

I love this reading corner in our bedroom…the watercolor drawing is of my hometown (part of my graduate thesis study). Looking at it reminds me of my home growing up. I am still thinking of a better way to display it.

Lastly (but not least) my sweet Niko’s toes…I love to kiss them and tickle them.

Thanks for coming along on my short tour. What is one thing, spot, that you love about your home. Would you care to share?

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