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This is where it all happens….

I am so proud of myself right now. Clean workspace, organized storage/packaging room…I feel I have accomplished so much this first week of 2009. It’s amazing what an organized space does to my mood, it can change it in matter of seconds. We have been so busy lately and I finally got a chance to be able to do this. And because I feel good about it, I thought I’d share how it looks with you too. We live in a condo and space is very limited. I currently do all my design work, printing and cutting on this custom built work space Aaron built for me (talk about a talented hubby – you should see some of his other creations!!) located off the kitchen, between dining and living room. All packaging happens in the laundry/storage room on this little counter top. Speaking of talented people, did you catch the adorable drawer pulls from lovely Alyssa of Revamp Boutique? She custom made them for me using some of my won artwork, silhouettes of course…Let’s just get one thing straight here. My work area doesn’t always look this tidy but being small and all forces me to organize and purge it on daily basis. There is a bit more work that needs to be done to complete my ‘workspace’ (hence the pictures of the one side of the workspace). I will post more pics as it reaches completion. Til than, these would have to do…

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