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Projects 1, 2, 3…

Hello hello!!!
How was your weekend?
We had a lovely, sunny weekend here in Chicago, which might have been the reason for my productivity. We did a lot around the house, spent time with dear friends and even had a picnic on Sunday.
I also managed to work on a couple of new ideas and take pictures of some sweet things I have received recently.

Project 1
1. La petite sous chef – tea towel by Le Papier Studio
2. Spring flowers – tea towel by Le Papier Studio

Don’t look too close…:)
(if you are interested in having the templates for these two, let me know and i will be happy to email tthem you along with instructions)

These tea towels were inspired by Printed by Hand of Lena Corwin. Do you own this book? If you don’t, you should! It’s a handy little book filled with step by step instructions on how to make your own hand printed creations.

Project 2

Silhouette prints by Le Papier Studio.
I print many of these each month to send to happy homes, and finally got around to framing a set for Niko’s room.

Silhouette decal from Elephanie. I love this Etsy shop and I had been wanting for so long to get Niko’s silhouette turned into a 3′ tall decal for his room. I am so happy with the results. Don’t you love the little yellow bird on his foot?

Organic Fleece Monogram blanket from my lovely friend, Ann of Organic Blankees. Check out her site and be amazed with all the sweetness. This will make a great gift for those expecting mommies {hint, hint}

Project 3
Are you still with me? If so you will love to hear about this project.
Remember a while back me talking about my unfinished work area? Last weekend I worked on this little ‘curtain’ made with left over fabric from Niko’s nursery to cover my oh so large printer area (I thought of this as a temporary solution because Aaron is supposed to build roll out shelves and doors, but I might keep this instead). It was my first sewing project in a while. All I needed besides the fabric was a small tension rod from the hardware store and voila!! I am pretty darn happy with how it turned out. And I love how it looks against the white furniture.

Now off to the next project…

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