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Featured Artist – Traci French of Blissful Images

One of the most rewarding aspects of being part of the blogging world, is the blessing of meeting the most amazing, talented, down to earth people. It shocks me how much I have been able to connect with some of you. It’s like we’ve been friends forever. I wonder why? Perhaps is the fact that we have similar taste in things? that we support and reach out to each other through his strange way of blogging? that even though we are walking different paths in life somehow our experiences seem so similar, familiar?
I can’t help but think of this next artist/blogger/mom as one of the most genuine people out there who never fails to make me smile. If we lived closer we could be best friends. Our birthdays are a day apart, we are moms to almost 4 year old boys, we drive the same cars (woohooo!!) and we are deeply connected to the beach, but most of all, we can manage to to find inspiration even in the midst of chaos.
Most of you know Traci, aka Mrs. French from her lovely Bliss. Her work is so inspirational and her style all so very unique. Her lovely Etsy shop, Blissful Images is a favorite of mine and is sure to become one of yours too. This interview will give you a chance to find out a bit more about this talented woman, her life, her work, her bliss…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

ummmm…this is tough. I feel as if most people know more than they want to already (hehe). I am “wife” to K, “momma” to B and the 3 of us along with our many pets live in beautiful Portland, OR. I like to blog and can’t stop taking pictures.

How do you able to do what you love while being a mother to a young child?
I try to work around his schedule…he goes to preschool a few hours m-th, which is when I get most of it done. Otherwise I wait for him to go to bed or Mr. French helps out quite a bit. We both work from home, so that really helps.

Do you have a work/studio schedule? What works for you?
No…which is terrible. I need to come up with something…I always feel like I am forgetting something or have something I need to get done asap. I am disorganized and a scatter brain in the worst way.

When did you start doing what you do and how did you come about realizing that this is “it?
I started blogging a little over a year ago…I loved it from the very start. I became shocked by all the amazingly talented folks in the blogging world and submerged in gorgeous bits of inspiration surrounding me. This naturally began to come out in my photographs. I have always loved taking pictures…but something changed within this past year…

What inspires you?
Everything that surrounds me nowadays. I live in an amazing place. Portland and the whole state of Oregon are shockingly beautiful. Each season offers something lovely and different. Blogging is a huge sorce of inspiration…once again, I am pleasantly amazed everyday by what I come into contact with. I also could spend hours/days staring at beautiful images on flickr…

How do you separate working on your little business from spending time with your family? Any tips you would like to share with us?
I am such a mess in this department. I am the one that needs the tips. Right now, I just try to follow B’s lead..he’s pretty vocal and lets me know when I need to walk away from work and give him my full attention…

What’s your idea for a perfect day?
oh that’s easy…a day at the beach with Mr. French, B and my dog…with cameras draped on both arms and around my neck…sigh…

What’s your favorite get away location?
the beach, the beach, the beach…about 5 years ago we came out to Portland to check it out and to decide if this was a place we could call “home.” I loved everything about the area, but wasn’t fully convinced…then we drove out to the coast…I had never experienced anything like it….it was the last piece in the puzzle for me…I was ready to move.

Do you keep havea wish list? What’s on top of the list?
Sort of…I want to travel more this year…would love to move into a new house and that’s about it. For the first time in my life, everything seems complete…I am blissfully happy at this time in my life.

Most favorite blogs?
I can’t do it…I love all of you. (I know you do sweetie!!)

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My boys…they are my air.

What makes Mrs. French smile?
Mr. French can get a belly-laugh out of me at any moment and my sweet b, everything he does makes me smile.

Check out Mrs. French blog here and her lovely Etsy shop here..

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