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Putting things into perspective

Tonight I had some time to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs and as I was reading the latest post on Zen Habits – simple productivity I couldn’t help but ask myself some questions.

How is what I am doing on my daily basis effecting my family?
If there were a couple of things I could change to better the situation I am in, what would they be?
Where would I be in five years from now? What am I doing to get there?

All these are questions I ask myself every time I get a moment to slow down and think but only tonight was I brave enough to write down the answers. I like to think I have everything under control but the truth is I don’t. I waste much valuable time checking my email continuously. I have a hard time prioritizing things and sticking with a schedule. As a result I end up working very late at night and feeling exhausted the next morning. Question is: how do I better my situation? What do I need to do on daily basis to get there?

I wrote down the first thoughts that came to mind:

1. Make a list the night before prioritizing what needs to be done the next day
2. Check my email only three times a day (morning, noon and before heading to bed)
3. Get on Twitter and Facebook only once a day (I was tempted to say once every other day, but i know I won’t stick with it)
4. Spend quality time with my son in the morning (this will change once school starts but I can make the most of it until than)
5. Have a date night with my hubs once a month
6. Make dinner every night and enjoy a few hours with my family by doing something together rather than getting back to work as soon as dinner is over.
7. Arrange something fun to do on weekends and keep away from working.
8. Make time to pray.

Writing them down was easy but keeping to my plan will be a challenge. I have to say though, it feels good to be able to look into myself and try putting my life into perspective. If I need some things to change I am the one responsible to make it happen.

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