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I love Autumn in Midwest! For the obvious reasons, of course; the leaves changing colors, the crisp air, the woodsy smell in the air, all the layers, the hats, scarves, boots…Not to forget all the yummy foods (as you may know I am a sucker for good food! Aren’t we all!!) ; the warm stews, apple pies (more like apple tarts – that’s as fancy as it will get in this household) fragrant soups. Did I get you all excited?
Wait til you see this…

I love this boy of mine so very much, for all the obvious reasons!
We took a walk in the park today – just the two of us. We hadn’t done this in quite some time, because… I have been busy with da bizness…sheesh! Sometime I forget what’s behind this computer screen! But not today! Today, I am switching if off for the weekend. Today, I will be spending time cooking and hanging with the boyzz.
And after that, we’ll go on walks to see more of this…

and this…

and than ponder some more at the amazing little things that make us, well, happy!

This last one is close to my heart because of the little green leaf…one last left!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Spend it doing something special with yours! It’s worth it!

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