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New England House – by Nathaniel Brooks

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to be joining Vana as a regular contributor to the Le Papier Studio blog. Vana and I have been friends since our days together in architecture school, where we shared an interest in creating timeless and beautiful places.  Since then, I’ve been privileged to work on a significant number of high-quality houses and other projects all over the United States. I have a strong interest in traditional and classical architecture, and buildings that reflect the history and culture of their local community. Just as Vana’s work takes a classic art form and uses it in a fresh and modern way, I seek to create buildings with a timeless quality that meet our modern needs. We might want our house to have all the character of something built in 1780, but we need to fit the dishwasher in too!
My posts will focus on architecture and design – sharing images of my work, inspiring projects from around the world, fantastic rooms, furniture, and little details to complete the picture. In short, I hope to inspire you to create a more beautiful setting for your everyday moments. I’m looking forward to our aesthetic journey together!


CAPTION: A perfect New England image! 
Image courtesy Studio for Civil Architecture.

There’s something pure and beautiful about the white clapboard house set against the verdant green backdrop of this Connecticut river site. After removing a variety of unsympathetic additions, we restored and enlarged this 18th century Dutch Colonial residence. New additions blend seamlessly with the old, suggesting that the house grew over time. New rooms have the character of the original house but are organized in a modern way.


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