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Designing with Great Taste – by Nathaniel Brooks

I spent a lot of time as a child in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother – experiences which have given me a deep love and respect for the work done in this most important of rooms. As any cook knows, the art of making great food is deceptively complex. While there’s something extremely simple and elemental about the process – carefully collecting the proper ingredients, maintaining balance and proportion, a concern not only for each piece but for the whole – in reality it takes a lot of hard work to generate great taste! Designing a kitchen requires much of the same. We must thoughtfully consider the placement of every drawer, cabinet, shelf, and appliance in order to maintain efficiency and order, while not abandoning form in favor of function.

Frank Lloyd Wright said the hearth was the center of the home, but I think most of us would agree that the kitchen is often where our best memories are made. As a tribute to great mothers and their kitchens, I thought I’d share a few kitchens from homes where I’ve been privileged to work. Bon appetit!

with Suzanne Rester Watson


with Victoria Hagan

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