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"The bathroom has got to go!" yelled Callie Grayson!!

Hello, it’s me again! Callie Grayson!
Thanks for stopping by, and a HUGE thank you to Vana for letting me contribute on her lovely blog! Today, I am posting about my existing bathroom! 

Just a few words of description: Scary, hideous, nasty

Here is a list of what needs to be remove from my bathroom:

  • metallic floral wall covering from the 60’s
  • plastic pearlescent gray tiles and black tiles from 1947
  • huge M monogram in the shower
  • swirly pearly toilet seat and toilet from 1947 (I don’t even want to think how many gallons are used with each flush of this toilet!!!!)
  • counter and lavatory cabinet 1970’s (note the counter goes over the toilet so I can’t really remove the lid of the tank!)
  • Shower sliding doors with fish pattern
  • 1970’s shower pik!  YES, I HAVE A SHOWER PIK!!! a beautifully ugly tan coloured shower pik!!
  • ugly 8×8 asbestic floor tiles in black. (will need some work abatement here! should be easy since they are not really glued down anymore)
Now for the images: hold on, this bathroom is going to scare you!  


Next week, I will be showing you a before floor plan and what is proposed with some inspiration materials.  Sorry, I didn’t have the plans ready for you.  I had way to much fun last weekend:) which now I am under the gun to get this bathroom complete before my parents arrive at the end of July!! Did I mention, I only have 1 bathroom!!!

Thanks for stopping by! see you next week!

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